Galiasia offers the following services:

  • Organization and management of every program offered (short and long term learning program for adults and educational program for young learners for teenagers and kids).

  • Trip planning from the place of origin (option of meeting with our representative in Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou).

  • Pick up at the destination airport in Spain by one of Galiasia members.

  • Medical insurance.

  • Accommodation (homestay, single studio, shared flat or hotel).

  • Spanish lessons with a native speaker.

  • Social and cultural activities with native speakers, based on the student’s interests.

  • Advice and personal assistance from Galiasia members.

  • If requested by parent/guardian, contacting and updating the student’s family during stay.

  • At the end of the program, every student will receive a report about their progress and a Certificate.

All our programs include, at no additional cost:

  • Medical insurance.

  • A Galiasia guide providing personal assistance at all times.

  • Option of meeting with our representative in Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou to obtain more information about the programs and Galiasia.

  • Access to phone and internet connection during stay.

  • Social and cultural activities according to the preferences and age of our students. The activities are planned by specialized and experienced organizers, and may include participating in local festivals, visits to tourist destinations, excursions with native speakers, concerts, etc.

  • Our programs are particularly aimed at people living in China, both locals and foreigners. Programs will involve interacting exclusively with native speakers, both adults and children.

  • During the student’s stay in Spain, we will keep his/her family updated at all times. The student’s family will be provided with a phone number to contact the student’s assigned Galiasia guide at any time. 
(*) Any of the programs may include, upon request and at the student’s charge, application of visa for Spain and flight tickets.
You can also download a summary of services here.
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